Our story

Inspired by Denmark

While studying in Denmark, Imperio founders fell in love with Danish culture, its lifestyle, and history and vowed to one day create a brand that paid homage to their beloved Denmark.

Today, every fashion piece in the Imperio collection draws inspiration from one of the many icons of Denmark including its traditions, multicultural cities, the beauty of its nature and environmental friendly attitude as well as the glorious history of Vikings.

What we believe

Imperio believes that sustainability is a new Luxury standard for all design accessories. We live in an age where the market is filled up by different design pieces which are made of artificial materials and are harmful to our environment. In modern days jewelry market is being occupied by cheap Chinese made bracelets.

Imperio is different. We believe in making a premium, sustainable design pieces available for everyone. We value using materials made by nature over the plastic or chemically modified beads.

Sustainable is a new luxury. We invite all our clients to become Luxury with Imperio.